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$3 million raised for a product I’m not convinced the world needs [VIDEO]


People in 75 countries have pre-ordered this cup.

While that may be a sign of mega success, I’ve got a bit of an issue with the Vessyl. And, surprisingly, it’s not just the hip spelling of its brand name.

This is a cup that ‘knows what you’re drinking’. It’s fitted with sensors and, according to its promo video, tracks what’s inside it, including calories, caffeine, fats and sugars.

What’s my gripe? I think this is the ultimate first world product.

So far, this startup has raised over $3 million in funding. The first products are due to ship early in 2015.

But, really? Do we need a smart cup to tell us how much caffeine we’ve just consumed? If it was coffee, tea or a cola, you already know it had caffeine. And probably sugar – because you add it to at least two of those beverages. And, as for cola, if you don’t think it’s got sugar in it, I’m not quite sure where to start.

Does the world really need a $199 smart cup to tell someone what they are drinking?

The video is schmick. It’s got lots of beautiful 20-somethings, doing cool things like driving cars, hanging out in coffee shops, running through woods with wearable tech, yoga, sitting on couches and, wearing scarves. All these young, beautiful people, even the ones walking in slow motion, have found a use for this expensive cup that will tell them things they technically already know.

I’m not alone in my disbelief of this product. Stephen Colbert took it to task, and also probably, drove its rise to fame. Alas, due to the fact we live in Australia, the video of his dissection is blocked. (Oh, that’s a rant for another day!).

I’m all for people being more aware of what they consume, where it comes from, what it does to their bodies but, do we really need a smart cup? It is going to stop people from glugging litres of sugar-laden drinks?

I think not.