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Better service, innovation and value – data capture to streamline your business


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When you’re growing a new business or a small business, every hour needs to count. Your time should be focused on creating better service, innovation and value for your customers, or so says Richard Branson!

One of the best, and easiest, ways to make the most of your time is to streamline business administration as far as possible. A first step is to convert manual processes involving documents into digital.

Small businesses who convert to digital document management will immediately enjoy improved productivity. They can speed up previously time-consuming tasks, record and improve upon simple job processes and – with easy access to centrally stored files – allow all members of a team to work remotely.

Having digital processes is also a huge cost saver – more so than most people realise. It saves hours of labour that might have been wasted searching for lost documents or ‘following the paper trail’. Few people are willing to admit how long they may have spent looking for a piece of paper in any given week. In fact, our experience confirms that:

Automated document processing can eradicate 75% of the hidden labour costs associated with performing manual data entry and other manual processes.” (AIIM,2014)

The cost of document management is usually much more than the cost of the paper itself – in fact, it can run into several thousands of dollars a year per employee. However, an office can reduce those costs by 20-25%.

Data capture solutions can help save money and cut hardcopy use. Fortunately, your office is likely to already possess a networked MFP so it can start transforming manual processes into electronic workflows. All that may be missing is the right data capture software.

These days, optical character recognition is sophisticated. It is a powerful technology that can capture specific data and transfer it into other files such as standard templates and forms. You can choose from a range of options. Take a look.

  • i2 Scan is a batch scanning application that automates the scanning, naming, indexing and storing of your documents. By batch scanning larger volumes you can speed up the entire document naming and storing process.
  • eCopy ShareScan is a document capture solution that integrates paper documents into electronic office workflows. Essentially, it allows you to channel your scanned data into your existing business systems – how handy is that? You simply follow a clear pathway from the point of scanning at the MFP to a list of more than 100 back-end and line-of-business applications including Documentum, DocuWare, HP TRIM, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint and many more. 
  • PSI:Capture is a powerful 3rd generation document capture application that meets all possible document scanning and import needs. It can even send scanned information into 50 types of Financial/CRM/ECM systems!  You can put it to work quickly and it is really easy to use- making it a good return on investment.
  • ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 is a powerful data capture and document processing solution that provides a single point of entry for physical forms and documents into business ready data. FlexiCapture 10 recognises multiple languages. It automatically converts hand-written data into digital forms that can be separated and classified. Once again, ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 can be integrated with your back-end systems. It will fit with your particular business processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

 Whether you are launching, expanding or taking on new challenges, automated data capture makes running and changing a small business much easier – we know, we’ve seen it hundreds of times.

To find out more about Konica Minolta’s data capture solutions, please visit our website.