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Rewind 2014 YouTube ‘celebrities’: how many do you recognise? [VIDEO]

Every year YouTube creates a video to showcase the biggest video hits, memes and YouTube stars. This is the video looking back at 2014. And, despite...

Great Google storytelling. You probably won’t understand the language but you will cry anyway...

This is an ad from Google India and, as such there are only two words spoken in English. And, they are at the very...

Words, words, words! Why the right choice of words can have a lasting impact

This appeared on the parody and internet meme site The Poke in the last day. This, from a real menu, somewhere in the world, is...

The power of social media extends into space: Chris Haddfield’s awesome Space Oddity [VIDEO]

Commander Chris Hadfield used social media to get the world interested in space again. Today he returns to Earth after five months in space. He returns a great astronaut and, an epic content marketer.

Is this the second best video ever added to YouTube? Judge for yourself! [VIDEO]

This video doesn't really need an introduction other than giving you its YouTube title: A cat in a shark suit riding a roomba and chasing a duck

How to get business done. Employ a wolf as head of marketing [VIDEO]

Who better to do your marketing than a wolf? Sure, it may have to overcome stomach-driven urges to eat other members of staff but, that's a small price to pay for marketing success!

Dance pony, dance! A dancing shetland pony uses the number one rule of viral...

That's one mighty fine looking pony. And boy, can it move its tiny little pony feet.

The forgotten art of poetry and what it can do to stop bullying [VIDEO]

Like so very many people, Shane Koyczan had a rotten time at school. His life was filled the the taunts of bullies. There was...

EXCLUSIVE: The creators of ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ share the secrets behind Australia’s most...

Metro Trains’ Dumb Ways to Die campaign might soon come to be regarded as Australia’s most successful viral advertising campaign… ever. Shortly before Christmas, James Tuckerman caught up the the campaign’s creators, John Mescall and Adrian Mills of advertising agency McCann Melbourne.

Sorry, we spent our entire advertising budget on the prizes [VIDEO]

It's a novel way to promote an end-of-year giveaway, but sat nav producers TomTom have apologised in advance for their almost-rubbish video. Of course, it's an expensive, almost-rubbish video, but it's a fun approach.

Are advertising creatives running out of ideas? [VIDEO]

Some must be. This ad from UK based 4G provider 4GEE (we see what they did there!) takes one of the 2011 YouTube video hits, Fenton, and remasters it into an ad.

Ferris Bueller: The Sequel? (Matthew Broderick chucks a sickie)

Clearly crafted to appeal to the maturing Gen X market, this Honda ad has been released as an an attempt to score a pre-Super Bowl touchdown. While traditional advertising budgets are decreasing, Super Bowl advertising costs are on the rise -- not because of the vast number of people who watch 'the game' but because of the even vaster number who share the 'made to be viral' clips.

Does this ‘made for YouTube’ advertising campaign make you want to touch the rainbow?

Confectionery brand Skittles has already infiltrated the pantheon of unforgettable tag-lines with its 'Taste the Rainbow' slogan. In this nifty 'made-for-YouTube' series of clips, viewers are asked to 'Touch the rainbow'. The concept is simple, novel and we challenge you to not hunger for a Skittle once this "cute but weird kitty cat" has its way with you.

Coke’s sad Happiness Machine campaign rolls on… and blows a tire [VIDEO]

Last year, we shared our distaste for a Coca-Cola wannabe-viral ad that featured a tricked-out soda machine on a university campus. Well, the Happiness Machine campaign rolls on, with commercials showing an overly generous Coke truck turning neighborhoods into giddy mobs. We're even less impressed. Your thoughts?

Creepy and underhand or viral advertising gold? Coco-cola brings back its Happiness Machine

We wrote about Coca-Cola's 'Happiness machine' when it first appeared in an unnamed US university campus in January. Indeed, we asked whether it could be the 'worst viral campaign' ever, simply because it seemed so contrived. However, the pimped-out vending machine is back. This time, in Europe.

OK Go brings you… Chihuahuas on swivel chairs.

As big fans of creativity in any form, we've covered this rock act before, when it released its This Too Shall Pass video featuring this most bodacious Rube Goldberg Machine, likely to inspire the inventor in us all. Today ('cause it's Friday), we're pleased to bring you the band's latest clip (and song), White Knuckles. The video doesn't stray too far from OK Go's winning recipe, featuring the band, one-take and some entertaining extras.

Cute girl has a catchy dance (and Samsung spins a viral winner)

Last week's Beer O'Clock email was dedicated to viral marketing creations, which naturally prompted a flood of examples from passionate readers. This cute clip caught our attention simply due to the double-take it inspires. It was created to promote the Galaxy Samsung 580, for those who tend to feel cheated when they discover that a seemingly home-made clip has a hidden (or not-so-hidden) commercial purpose.

Will this ad go viral? Does a bear dance in the woods?

Move over Old Spice. There's a new viral campaign in cyberland that's stealing your chatter. This addictive 'choose your own adventure' inspired advertising campaign for European stationary brand Tipp-Ex takes the viral power of bears on YouTube (think John West) and adds a layer of interactivity (think Burger King's Subservient Chicken).

Ruslan Kogan hits back at Gerry Harvey with satirical advertisement

Funny? Hypocritical? Pure viral marketing gold? That's for you to decide. What's more interesting about this public spat is the underlying question it raises. What drives consumers -- expensive television advertisements to establish trust and, therefore, create the ability to sell products at a premium price or the opportunity to purchase online at discount rate?

Primary school advertising prodigy wins Labor's endorsement [VIDEO]

Yesterday, the Australian Labor Party endorsed a "special election message" from Harrie, aged 11 years old. According to the Labor Party's description on YouTube: "Harrie sent this through to us and we thought it was worth sharing with everyone. Thanks Harrie." Real? Fake? Ingenious? Or cringe-worthy? That's for you to decide.
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