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Why am I sharing this video? Because I can plus, it’s Friday [VIDEO]


I’ve made it through one whole week of returning to work. I took a two week, self-imposed digital free holiday. It was awesome. Coming back into work and re-entering the digital zone was an interesting experience.

So, I’m trying to hang on to that ‘holiday feeling’, the feeling that anything is possible from here.

And, it’s Friday and we all need a little soul in our lives. Even if you’re working through the weekend like so many of us do, take some time out, crank this up and get a little bit funky.

Plus, if people dancing to Curtis Mayfield in the 1970s can appear to be dancing to Daft Punk in 2013, then it shows that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Dance on Anthillians!

How to dance to Get Lucky by Daft Punk


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