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100 words that stop your emails getting opened (They include “friend”, “your family” and “hello”. Yup. “Hello” is on the list.)


This is a list that came to our attention by way of an email. It’s headline featured none of the words below.

That’s because this is a list of words that, when placed in an email headline, are likely to stop your emails getting through spam filters.

It came to our attention thanks to copywriting legend Drayton Bird (subscribe to his emails here), prepared by Jordan Ayan, GM of SubscriberMail.

The simple lesson here is that many of these words and terms seem pretty innocent and innocuous, like “friend”, “your family” and “hello”. Yup. “Hello” is on the list.

1. 100% free
2. 50% off
3. act now
4. all words that relate to sex or pornography
5. all words that related to cures or medication
6. amazing
7. anything that looks like you are YELLING
8. apply now
9. as seen
10. as seen on Oprah
11. as seen on TV
12. avoid
13. be your own boss
14. buy
15. call now
16. cash bonus
17. cialis
18. click here
19. collect
20. compare
21. consolidate
22. contains $$$
23. contains word “ad”
24. credit
25. Dear Friend
26. discount
27. don’t delete
28. double your anything
29. double your income
30. e.x.t.r.a. Punctuation
31. earn
32. earn $
33. earn extra cash
34. easy terms
35. eliminate debt
36. extra income
37. fast cash
38. financial freedom
39. for only
40. for you
41. FREE
42. free
43. free access
44. free gift
45. free info
46. free instant
47. free offer
48. free samples!
49. friend
50. g a p p y t e x t
51. get
52. get out of debt
53. hello
54. herbal
55. hidden
56. home based
57. hot
58. information you requested
59. instant
60. levitra
61. life insurance
62. limited time
63. loans
64. lose
65. lose weight
66. lower your mortgage rate
67. lowest insurance rates
68. make money
69. medicine
70. mortgage
71. multi level marketing
72. notspam
73. now only
74. numerical digits at the end
75. offer
76. online degree
77. online marketing
78. online pharmacy
79. only
80. open
81. opportunity
82. promised you
83. refinance
84. removes
85. reverses
86. satisfaction
87. search engine listings
88. serious cash
89. starting with a dollar amount
90. stop or stops
91. teen
92. you’re a winner!
93. undisclosed recipient
94. valium
95. vicodin
96. winner
97. work from home
98. xanax
99. your family
100. your own

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