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Now, this guy knows how to apply for a job!


Does this sound familar. You spend hours agonising over the minutia of your resume and end up with just another three page brief. You invest in expensive stock and lie awake at night wondering whether what first seemed like a classy touch might instead appear too needy. You irrationally contemplate applying fragrances to the envelope, sending quirky gifts to the recruitment manager.

It’s not that you’re desperate. You just desperately want that particular job.

The following clip takes the job application process to another level. The work of a Monash student and aspiring Junior Project Manager, it was submitted to Pollenizer and posted for all to see on YouTube. It was soon after spotted by MitchelLake and posted on the recruitment outfit’s homepage. At the time of writing, it’s now been viewed close to a thousand times.

A recruitment video that’s dashing but not desperate

What’s the moral of the story? That, I guess, will depend on how Monsieur @RensaEC performs at the interview (because I’ll be blown if that work of art didn’t get his foot in the door).