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Fear and hope at Copenhagen – a Gen Y perspective (pt 2)

Last week Wendy Miller provided her first review of the proceedings at COP15 in Copenhagen. At the start of another week of tense negotiating, Miller reports on the current make-or-break state of the summit and reveals what is being lost and gained.

Fear and hope at Copenhagen – a Gen Y perspective

On Monday we published Dave Sag’s first post from Copenhagen. Today we received this diary entry from 26-year-old Australian Wendy Miller, who is attending the Copenhagen COP15 climate change summit as a member of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Australia’s emerging solar power pioneers face a cloudy future

It was the fastest car in its class in the 3,000-kilometre Global Green Challenge, but the engineering students who threw their time and talents into Sunswift IV to win their race to Adelaide face future uncertainty in our fragile renewable-energy sector.

Young entrepreneurs of the world, unite!

You don't have to be a Vulcan to grok the good stuff that can come out of an international mind-meld as big as Global Entrepreneurship Week. Matthew da Silva sits down with the organisers and profiles some inspiring young entrepreneurial attendees.

Personal branding: Are you the real deal?

It's becoming impossible to get through the day without hearing some expert or other holding forth about personal branding. But could we be at risk of taking ourselves too seriously?

Nominations open for the 2010 Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award

Nominations for the 2010 Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award opened on October 1, 2009.

Skye Blackburn, 2009 Anthill 30under30 winner

Girls are not known for having a harmonious connection with bugs. However, for Skye Blackburn, insects have been an obsession since childhood. She even built a butterfly release and insect education business, Butterfly Skye, around this passion.

Climate change export opportunities for Australia

Climate change is already remaking the global economy. The changes that Australia has to make in order to become a responsible and competitive player in this greener global marketplace are comparable to the liberal economic reforms made in the 1980s, says Austrade’s chief economist, Tim Harcourt.

Design unveiled for spectacular eco-friendly Chinese sports stadium

Sports stadiums have typically been Colosseum-type structures, designed to leave an imposing mark on the landscape. However, as reported in the excellent sustainable design blog Inhabitat, Los Angeles-based NBBJ Architects have turned the stadium concept on its head with this proposed design for China's new Dalian Shide Stadium.

Sydney researchers develop energy-efficient model for cloud computing

A breakthrough by researchers at the University of Sydney is set to harmonise two of today's hottest emerging trends: cloud computing and energy efficiency.

Australia desperately needs a virtuous cycle of innovation

It says much about the schismatic nature of Australia's economic strategy that the Federal Government invited public submissions on how to build a clever country in the same week that it signed a $50B gas export contract with China. Jordan Green outlines his vision for Australia's knowledge economy.

CSIRO-developed hybrid battery secures US$32.5M, but who profits?

So while this $US32.5 million US Government funding for UltraBattery is certainly a tremendous validation for the technology and the CSIRO researchers who developed it, the international licensing option pursued means that Australia will, in all likelihood, only receive couch change from what stands to be an extremely lucrative venture for the foreign companies (Furukawa Battery Company and East Penn) that are actually doing the commercialisation.

Cool Company Awards, 2009 – Nominations Open!

It's on again. Over coming weeks, we'll be scouring the nation for Australia's coolest companies. It's the first stage in Australia's most innovative business awards program - The Nomination Phase.

How we will power stuff in the future

The good people at - an organisation that promotes the development of a new wave of innovative, sustainable businesses - and Motionographer have launched an initiative whereby artists are invited to share their ideas on how to challenge their world.

Carbon Planet and m2m to merge

Adelaide-based carbon management company Carbon Planet, headed by regular Anthill contributor Dave Sag, is to merge with Melbourne-based telecommunications and investment company m2m Corporation Ltd.

The future of business isn’t ‘Free’ – it’s ‘Re’

Green is über cool. If you want to get the key influencers and mavens of society into your product, then it better do the world some good. Being shiny isn’t enough these days. It’s got to be circular, real and authentic.

The future of business isn’t 'Free' – it’s 'Re'

Green is über cool. If you want to get the key influencers and mavens of society into your product, then it better do the world some good. Being shiny isn’t enough these days. It’s got to be circular, real and authentic.

Green jobs gain Federal boost

The Rudd Government's $75 million Climate Ready program, part of the industry collaborating Clean Business Initiative, has announced $13.4m in grants to 22 businesses for projects supporting approximately 180 'green' jobs.

Naked Tuesdays – Saving the planet one item of clothing at a time

We can all do our bit around the office to help fight climate change. Starting with Naked Tuesdays.

Us Now – Oh the times, they are a changin

Us Now is a fascinating documentary film examining the astonishing pace of change that society is currently undergoing, led by the growth of the internet, technology and the new tribalism they are enabling.



Inbound Marketing Reloaded with James Tuckerman [FREE REPORT]

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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...