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Design unveiled for spectacular eco-friendly Chinese sports stadium


Behold! The future of sustainable sports stadiums.


Sports stadiums have typically been Colosseum-type structures, designed to leave an imposing mark on the landscape. However, as reported in the excellent sustainable design blog Inhabitat, Los Angeles-based NBBJ Architects have turned the stadium concept on its head with this proposed design for China’s new Dalian Shide Stadium.

Also known as the “Garden Stadium”, for its two main exterior walls that are covered in grass and plants, the stadium is designed to open up from underground, a bit like a flower (see diagram below).

In contrast to the traditional cauldron experience, this design attempts to promote harmony with the outside environment and people. Spectators inside the stadium have access to plenty of natural light and views of the surrounding mountains and ocean, while city dwellers can catch glimpses of the on-field action inside.

The stadium will be one of the most sustainable yet built, featuring solar and wind power generation, water recycling and on-site pre-fabrication.





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