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Stephen Sammartino escaped his cubicle after 10 years marketing global brands. He has now founded two start-ups, recently launching Rentoid.com - the place to rent anything.

Sammartino’s Creative Espresso – Ways to change your life

We've held on to this latest manic instalment of Steve Sammartino's Creative Espresso series since he submitted it for inclusion in the July print edition, which didn't eventuate. Here it is, in all its super-charged, creative glory.

The future of business isn’t ‘Free’ – it’s ‘Re’

Green is über cool. If you want to get the key influencers and mavens of society into your product, then it better do the world some good. Being shiny isn’t enough these days. It’s got to be circular, real and authentic.

Free is not a business model

Quite simply, any business without a revenue-generation model won’t exist over time. We only need look at the dot-com bust of the late 1990s to see this reality. The real question in the so-called ‘Freeconomy’ is how many businesses can be supported by the advertising sales model? Why the idea of ‘Free’ is being touted as new is beyond me.

The four elements for start-up success

I was thinking about business and at what point it becomes possible to believe you have a good chance of winning. I came to the conclusion that four elements pave the way to start-up success.

How to generate media attention for your startup

When aiming to generate media coverage for our start-up or business, we often get one thing wrong. It relates to our training as marketers. We are too targeted.

Being the MVP

Footballers (or any sports people) have good form and bad form. Some are heroes and play to their optimum every single game. Some are inconsistent but sometimes brilliant. And others just fill the numbers. As entrepreneurs, we should aim to be like the footballer... not just a footballer in the league, but the Most Valuable Player - the MVP.

The truth about ideas

How many people have we met and had a discussion with about business? They want to start a business. They have business skills. But...

Risk, unlearning and de-gearing

If you’re reading Anthill and not starting or running a business, maybe you ought to stop for a second and ask yourself why? You’re obviously...

Storytelling giants

Storytelling is a really important skill for entrepreneurs or any start-up. Quite often ‘a story’ is the first thing we have (after our idea...

What start-ups can learn from terrorists

Right now, terrorists are applying the most successful start-up strategies that I can think of. The thing that is so compelling about terrorists is...

Start-ups and high school physics

Physics and business are more closely related than one would imagine. In fact, physics and start-ups have a ridiculously close relationship, which you should...

Inventing money

Entrepreneurship is about building finances conceptually. Entrepreneurs don’t buy something and wait for it to appreciate. They invent the future. Inventing has never been...

Start-ups: Copy Cat

We’re taught from a very young age that copying lacks virtue and deserves some form of punishment. You could say it is viewed as...

Start-ups: Sell out

Do you have a grand vision of selling out to an incumbent? The type of deal that makes the front page of the daily...

Startups: Four start-up maxims

We don't need to be revolutionaries to have a successful business. We could do something simple, like open a shop. But if we wanted...
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