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RunPee: An iPhone app that reveals the optimal bathroom break moments in movies


Oh, this is brilliant.

So your friends told you Avatar 3D was a must-see movie and you find yourself sitting in the cinema wearing those Jarvis Cocker glasses, almost two hours in, with no end in sight, and a Jumbo Coke working its way through you’re system. If only someone beside you could tell you the best time to nip off to the bathroom without missing a critical plot twist.

Never fear, there’s now an iPhone app for that.

RunPee provides full-bladdered users with several suggested movie “break” times during which not much happens plot-wise. Users start a timer as the movie starts, get told how long each interlude lasts and can access a full plot rundown of what they miss.

For example, here are the suggested “Pee times” for Avatar:

A vibrating auto-timer alert can also be set, for those who are pretty certain they’ll need to spend a penny before the final credits roll.

The iPhone app costs US$1.99. Don’t have an iPhone? Owners of other smartphones and internet users can access RunPee for free at m.runpee.com

Now, at last, Hollywood might finally dare to re-release the Director’s cut of Dances with Wolves.

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