named Online Business Award winner at Anthill’s 2010 Cool Company Awards named Online Business Award winner at Anthill’s 2010 Cool Company Awards


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What are the Anthill Cool Company Awards?

The Cool Company Awards were launched in 2006 as a way for Anthill to acknowledge and celebrate Australian organisations that are doing things differently to bring about positive change. Cool Companies stay one step ahead of the rest. They breed leaders who are rule-makers and rule-breakers. They are trend-setters in attitude and action. Quite simply, they are … cool! More.

State: NSW
Category: Online Business, Global Growth has a long, long reach. Headquartered in Sydney, the web-based company connects business and individuals who need a task done with those who have the talent do it. And because most of’s talent base is in India and other developing nations, those tasks can be completed at a greatly reduced cost. has more than 2 million users. The company describes itself as a marketplace of talent — an eBay of people, if you will. The company so impressed our august panel of Anthill Cool Company Awards judges that it took top honors in two categories: Global Growth and Online Business.

“Many of the freelancers on our site come from the developing world. They join the site because it’s a great way to use their skills and earn much more than they would locally,” said Chris O’Brien, public relations manager. (it was originally called before it streamlined the name) derives the majority of its revenue from a commission on completed jobs. The website is among the top 300 in traffic worldwide, according to the company. “And all of this is run out of our pad on King St. Wharf,” O’Brien said.

The company prides itself on having a low barrier to entry. There is no membership fee (users can pay to use additional services and reduce the commission cost. “Even the smallest business can post a job online,” O’Brien said.

Ease of use also leads to the company’s biggest challenge — keeping control of jobs begun through its system. If a job is taken “offline,” loses the commission.

The company’s marketing strategy is largely straightforward — promoting success stories and employing SEO. However, they have ventured beyond the Internet — about 500 public buses throughout Australia currently sport an ad and, as seen below, the company’s exec maneuver some TV face time.

But in the end, it’s all about the size and breadth of the job market stirred up by

“People have used for some crazy jobs — even outsourcing the job of a lion tamer, which saw two people bidding for the work!” O’Brien said. “We’ve had people post jobs for people to stink-bomb their friend’s house. You can get virtually any job done on” on The Morning Show


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  • Tren Sun

    Indeed this website is damn sexy. I had my niche blog setup and running in two days, with adequate unique content, while the price is ridiculously cheap. The freelancers on that website seems to be generally of high talent.

    Generally their website is pretty much polished – they are using some kind of cool data mining – go to post new project, choose your category to be Ajax, then it suggests you to choose PHP & Javascript! That’s quite interesting.

    Probably I should post a project asking a freelancer to send a Xmas gift to their Sydney office.

    • Nicolasrao

      True the secret on Freelancer is not to work for it, but to create jobs. The prices paid to freelancers in Asian countries makes it useless for people who want to work online and make it worth their time. It is probably good for the West. But in Asia, better to be the boss- not the worker. Merry Christmas!

      • Tren Sun

        That’s true.

        It costs no time. Instead of costing days or months trying to figure out how to solve a problem, we just need to *find* and *identify* the problem to solve, and hire other people to solve it. Time is expensive – compare with boring and repeatable tasks, we’d better focus on more creative targets.

  • Tren Sun

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  • Chu is indeed a great support for freelancers around the world. The continuous change in the system is directed towards the productivity of its users- employers and freelancers alike. Keep it up and more power to all who made its success possible!

    • Nicolasrao

      It is probably best for Graphics and Web page developers. The rates offered to writers is very low, particularly in Asia.

  • Penelopeb7

    Sorry, “ridiculously cheap” are the keywords here. Freelancer is peddling a modern slave market.

    • Nicolasrao

      I agree, though the words are stronger than my comments. The only positive here is that the jobs are real and people do get paid. Perhaps that is the very best description.
      The quality will go up, if the rates do of course. I wonder how many projects pan out and how many do not?

  • Nobina is the only one site, where I have managed to get 4 jobs. With rest of the freelancing sites NO LUCK.

    • Nicolsarao

      Very true! But all the same, the project rates in Asia are pathetically low and who is to blame for that?
      Asians of course!

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    My provider refunded me half of the payment they received because they could not meet the obligations of the project. This happenedon 12/14/10. I received notification that would release the funds on 1/3/11. A week prior to when the payment was due, suspended my account citing “security concerns”. I submitted the request documentation. When my account still hadn’t been reinstated and the refund issued 21 days later, I pursued my open ticket.

    21 days later, the day my payment was due they continued to cite a “security concern”.I sent the documents five times, provided email documentation of the exchangewith the provider and my Articles of Incorporation. Not only have they ignored me, ignored my please for escalation, passed my request to multiple “service” representatives and closed my ticket every time they reply, but their reply fails to acknowledge what they have received or the resolution.

    This company is fraudulantly holding on to my money, practicing shockingly shady business practices by doing this all on the day the payment was due, and providing horrible customer service. I encourage each of you to stay away and certianly not to reward this type of behavior.

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