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Check out what this amazing 15 year old entrepreneur has invented [VIDEO]


This invention has the potential to change lives. It was invented by 15 year old Ann Makosinski.

It won her the Google Science Fair award for her age division last September. Deservedly so, it’s truly a remarkably clever idea.

It’s called Hollow Torch. Using a combination of clever design and nifty technology in the form of Peltier tiles, Makosinski created a torch that is powered by the heat of your hand.

That’s right, there is no battery, no solar power – just the heat from our own bodies. The Peltier effect refers to the thermodynamic conversion of heat into voltage and, vice versa.

A Peltier tile needs to be heated on one side, cooled on the other, to create electricity. In Makosinski’s device, the human hand heats one side and, the ambient air temperature cools the other via its design.

It’s an elegant design that means anyone, anywhere, can have light. This entrepreneurial teen was inspired by meeting children in a Philippines village who had failed school simply because they did not have enough light to study at night.

Then, there’s the potential change this device could have on the use of batteries.

No matter which way you look at it, this simple device can change the lives.

A battery less torch – Ann Makosinski – Google Science Fair winner 2013