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    Cool Company Awards Readers Choice 2010


    The Cool Company Awards Readers’ Choice Index was created to provide an opportunity for Anthill readers to vote on Cool Company Award finalists, in one of three ways:

    1. Tweet this post (three points):

    Use the Tweet button at the top of a Finalist’s page. Your tweet will say: Congratulations [Name], Anthill 2010 Cool Company Finalist!

    2. Trigger a reaction on Facebook (two points): Hit the “Like” button.

    3. Leave a comment (one point): Show your support! Share the love!

    Readers’ Choice Awards are usually conducted for two reasons.

    The first is to provide readers with a voice. While the category winners have already been announced, this element of the Awards gives readers the chance to share their views.

    The second is to raise awareness.

    By tweeting and Like-ing a finalist, readers not only direct attention to a worthy cool company but also introduce new people to these awards, which is better for all participants.

    To shine a light on a finalist, simply visit the web-page describing the achievements of your favourite cool company and vote in one of the three ways above.

    The Readers’ Choice will close on 31 December 2010.
    Winners announced 8 February 2010.


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