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What were Australia’s favourite YouTube videos in 2011? Rebecca Black? Seriously?


“Friday”? Srsly, Australia?

Yes, sadly, that ultra-bubbly Rebecca Black music vehicle that makes all right-minded people want to spontaneously combust was the nation’s most viewed “community” video in 2011, according to the tastemakers at YouTube.

Fortunately, Ms. Black’s victory is less an indictment of Oz and more a testament to world shrinkage caused by the Net — “Friday” was the global YouTube champ, though its dislikes outnumber its likes 4-to-1.

There are videos in the Australian top 10 with a more regional flavor. A low-blow zinger fired from one Channel Ten newsreader to another comes in at No. 3. And Alki Stevens’ sweet-and-sticky answer to planking — cone-ing — is No. 9.

YouTube says the video’s success allowed Stevens to quit his day job to concentrate on a comedy career and his YouTube channel. A separate top 10 of most-viewed music videos here includes Goyte’s “Somebody that I Used to Know.”

Unfortunately, LMFAO appears on that same top 10. Three times.

Stay classy, Australia. (And don’t forget to watch the second video. It’s barking hilarious!)

1. “Friday,” Rebecca Black

2. Ultimate dog tease: OMG they talk!

3. An awkward moment: Amazing that something so small …

4. “Jack Sparrow,” The Lonely Island  (featuring Michael Bolton)

5. Songify This: “Winning,” a song by Charlie Sheen

6. Nyan Cat: No, we don’t get it, either

7. “The Creep,” The Lonely Island (featuring Nicki Minaj and John Waters)

Awwww … sharing of this music video has been disabled. See it here.

8. “Nice Guys,” Chester See

9. Cone-ing

10. Little Sophia Grace Brownless does Nicki Minaj

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