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Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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What is Anthill? It's a business magazine. What’s it about? It's about innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid business growth. Until Anthill was launched in September 2003, the bulk of existing business titles in Australia were mainly concerned with issues of relevance to small/micro businesses or large corporations (one or the other). Anthill was developed to bridge this gap, appealing to highly innovative and ambitious ‘fast’ growth businesses - SMEs with rapid growth potential and larger companies that realise the value of reinvention to stay ahead. It does not focus on the traditional ‘nuts and bolts’ of business development (although this is a key element of editorial content), but instead it highlights the inspiring thrills, spills, trials and tribulations of business development and rapid commercial growth. Business can and should be fun, right! provides accountants globally the ability to create and accept a fixed price proposal online in multiple currencies 24/7 without waiting for us to respond.

Epicon Integration Bus uses unique ‘function-based adaptors’, which eliminate the need for dedicated product connectors for integrating each IT system. Integration workflows are pre-packaged for common IT management scenarios so that users don’t have to create them from scratch, and workflow editing is 100% codeless for non-technical users. A single user interface provides complete visibility of all management functions.

Induco Profile Builder guides people through a questionnaire that helps them see the value in their body of work and to articulate this. It also provides advice and education about why this is important and how they can have more effective personal brands.

This SMART 100 profile and the information it contains is a duplication of content submitted by the applicant during the entry process. As a...

This SMART 100 profile and the information it contains is a duplication of content submitted by the applicant during the entry process. As a...

Fixed Wireless Microwave Network connects customers to our network by way of installing a small antenna on their roof pointing back to one of our nearby transmission sites.

Financial Mappers underlying giant modelling calculator dynamically interlinks the calculations of all aspects of an individual’s wealth and lifestyle choices. Changing any financial variable at any stage, now or in the future immediately remodels the entire plan, while retaining the original for comparison, providing true holistic ‘What If’ scenarios. Reports can be generated showing either snapshots or lifetime plans.

Faulding GlucoControl reduces the dangerous blood sugar spikes associated with diabetes after meals by 36.5%. Its unique premeal approach slows gastric emptying and absorption; primes hormones including insulin, which significantly improves the body’s response to glucose. In long term trials, it has been shown to offer the overall effect similar to prescribed pharmaceuticals on the levels of sugar markers in the blood.

F2 Chronic Pain Treatment targeting and interrupting the re-consolidation phase of the conditioned response, we can stop the pain signal in its tracks, and permanently.

Expert360 actualises a global marketplace that connects businesses with a network of top freelancers and firms for project based work.

Hueyify - Making the Web Accessible for everyone

The new marketplace is the result of an innovation partnership between the Australian leader in Indigenous supplier diversity, Supply Nation, and multi-award winning software start-up, VendorPanel.

This will include investor and industry events, sector research, startup and founder programs and an accelerator program focused on nurturing early stage companies that are looking to enhance or disrupt the real estate sector., the world’s largest onboarding, compliance and professional development platform, has sealed a deal with learning management systems provider Totara, expanding the edtech startup’s user base by more than 2,000 per cent to 10 million.

Popupshopup was founded by Perth locals Ronan Bray, 27, and Daniel Rainone, 25, in 2013 who launched their business in 2016. Popupshopup operates two...

We took part in intense workshops, listened to seminars, networked ourselves silly, and met other Australians whose products have flourished in one of the world’s biggest markets.

Victims tended to have to manually enabled the attack through some method, such as opening email attachments or downloading unverified software. Much of that has changed with the current global-scale WannaCry ransomware campaign.

CropLogic, a Christchurch-based precision agricultural company, is pleased to announce that it has successfully closed its $2 million pre-IPO capital raising oversubscribed in preparation for the Company’s anticipated listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Originally seeking $3 million, the funding round was oversubscribed and attracted a total offering of $5 million from interested investors. The Series A was run by one of Shippit’s advisors, Howard Leibman of Equity Venture Partners, who also ran Deputy’s US$25M raise earlier this year.

Successful Spark applicants receive a startup’s dream package; 12 months free use of the coworking space Hub Adelaide, mentorship through Hub Australia’s extensive national and international networks and a spot on the Venture Dorm program.




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Liz Wald is Vice President of International for She has been terrifically successful raising funds through the crowd model.  One of her successes...


Over 40% of companies worldwide use big data analytics but the results can vary. The main benefit of big data analytics is thought to be the ability to make better strategic decisions, with 69% of companies identifying this as the primary benefit.