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YouTube rewinds the most watched videos of 2012 [VIDEO]


I apologise in advance. If you watch this video you have to endure Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe. And, it’s not even the epic Geordie version of Call Me Maybe, or in local parlance, Gis a ring will you pet.

2012 brought us these two crazily successful, yet equally annoying songs. Gangnam Style remains the most watched YouTube video of all time, with more than 971 million views. Still, it’s bumped Justin Beiber from top of that list, so for that, I guess, we should be grateful.

Call Me Maybe was viewed a mere 361 million times.

YouTube have produced this video with the help of some of the YouTube stars of 2012. There are parodies and, Australia’s most successful viral video ever, Dumb Ways To Die, gets a fleeting inclusion. (Editor Note: This video now has more than 33 million views.)

Sit back and reminisce about the year that was on YouTube. You can also discover top trending YouTube videos in Australia.

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