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Young Entrepreneurs’ Night Out. It’s baaaaaack! (But slightly different.)


Two months ago, we trialled an event in Sydney called our Young Entrepreneurs’ Night Out. The premise was simple…

Create a networking event for young entrepreneurs to mingle, learn from peers, drink some booze, make new friends and get inspired!

We planned on 60 attending. Yet, over 100 passionate business builders booked (or simply rocked up) to share insights and learn from our panel of five like-minded entrepreneurs.

Now, we’re bringing this event back to Sydney and launching in Melbourne and Brisbane!


We’re changing the format… slightly.

Our Sydney event taught us a few important things.

  • Firstly, it demonstrated that demand for this type of event was not limited to Sydney (like der). That’s why we’re taking it into new capital cities.
  • Secondly, we learnt that an age restriction is not very friendly to the ‘young at heart’. We’ve opened the age range but kept our unconventional cost structure (see below).
  • Thirdly, any more people in attendance would have ruined the cosy, open-discussion vibe that made the night so special.

So, we’re limiting the tickets available.

What’s the ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ Night Out’ all about?

Building a business at any age can be a lonely undertaking. But young entrepreneurs have it tougher than most. Friends and parents often don’t understand the complexities of running a business… or the personal sacrifices that come with the job.

This is a chance for young entrepreneurs to meet and learn from other young business builders. Share a drink. Have a laugh. Gain insights from a panel of business builders who have ‘been there, done that’ and created successful ventures. Benefit from the experiences of other attendees.

And most importantly of all, help us build a culture of entrepreneurship in Australia!

Exceptional panel of speakers

At our launch event in Sydney, we assembled an exceptional panel of speakers from a range of backgrounds. Yet despite their differences they all had one thing in common. They started young and defied the odds. Our June and July events promise to be no different. Watch this space!

Why this? Why now?

Here’s part of an article Anthill published in 2007, called The pear-shaped hourglass:

“According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the age with the most number of people in Australia is currently 34 years. This corresponds to children born during the baby-boom ‘echo’ in the early 1970s and represents the peak of Generation X.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shock that a similarly popular age is 58 (the parents of X). What generally does come as a surprise is the stampede of 22 year-olds, who are about to give this hour-glass population breakdown a good shake-up, concluding with a very heavy bottom end.

Yes, within ten years the structure of the working population could look, simply, pear-shaped, with Generation Y representing close to half the workforce.”

This was three years ago. The predication is coming closer to reality and demonstrates the need to foster a culture of entrepreneurship among young Australians.


When: Thursday 24 June, 2010 (6pm-9pm)
Where: Melbourne Venue (TBC)

We’re bringing this fun packed, fast and furious event to Melbourne. Do you have a desire to meet other like-minded business builders? If so, you are invited to join Anthill’s Melbourne launch of ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ Night Out’ in our ‘yet to be announced’ Melbourne CBD location.

Check out our awesomely egalitarian pricing structure below. It’s very Melbourne.


When: Tuesday 22 June, 2010 (6pm-9pm)
Where: Sydney Venue (TBC)

If you had a ‘blast’ last time, we’re already planning new ‘fun and games’ to help support your entrepreneurial ventures. Or if you’re new to this ‘thang’ called entrepreneurship, come join Anthill’s Sydney ‘Comeback’ in our ‘yet to be announced’ Sydney CBD location.

Were you in the crowd but want to be on the panel? Tweet us! (@anthillmagazine).


When: Thursday 1 July, 2010 (6pm-9pm)
Where: Brisbane Venue (TBC)

We received your emails, your phone calls, your tweets and will be bringing Anthill’s ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ Night Out’ to a ‘yet to be announced’ Brisbane location on Thursday 1 July, 2010 (6pm-9pm). Help us bring in the new financial year!

Know a swanky Brisbane venue? Tweet us your fave hangout (@anthillmagazine).

How much will this event cost?

This event will cost you one dollar for every year you have lived on this planet.

Yup, attendance is priced to reflect the age of each attendee. This means that 35 year-olds will be required to pay $35 for attendance, while 18 year-olds will pay $18.

This seemed like a fair way to subsidise the cost of booze, finger food and some flights from Melbourne to Sydney and Brisbane. (Gotta give a little to get a little, right?) Cool, huh?

Register now!

Do you have a desire to meet other like-minded business builders? Join us at Anthill’s ‘Young Entrepreneur’s Night Out’ in a yet to be announced location near you!

This event will cost you one dollar for every year you have lived on this planet.

Register to attend ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ Night Out’.


Not based in NSW or VIC or QLD? Young at heart?

If you are not based in one of these locations or do not consider yourself a ‘young’ entrepreneur (that’s something that only you can decide), click the link below and let us know where you’re from, what types of support and education are needed in your neck of the woods and who we should contact to get local support. Let’s make it happen!

Please help us foster a culture of entrepreneurship in Australia.