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Venuemob is now making it easier to find event space in four more Australian...

Sydney Angels backed event-led start-up, Venuemob, has launched into Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast adding to its existing presence in Sydney and Melbourne.

This tech start-up has taken finding a venue for your event down from 6...

Award winning event tech start-up iVvy is revolutionising the events industry by centralising function spaces and group accommodations for the first time ever in Australia on its new Marketplace platform.

How will real-time data and analytics change how we organise and attend events?

The events industry has always adapted to new technology early. Holograms, laser light technology, beacon and geo-location based activity, live polling and several other...

For once, here’s a start-up that’s not out to change the world. This one’s...

These days, nearly every start-up founder and their dog claims they are out to change the world. This isn’t one of those start-ups. These guys...

Events start-up Venuemob has secured $530,000 from Sydney Angels in a second funding round

Aussie event-meets-tech start-up, Venuemob, recently announced additional funding from investment group Sydney Angels, raising $530,000 in this second round of raising capital. This comes after...

Watch out for the fastest growing movement of women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs, it seems, are no longer interested in joining the 'boys club' when it comes to the business of networking. And why should...

Three reasons why you should start holding your own events in 2014

It's 2014. It is time to take centre stage and make the most of your face-to-face marketing channel. There is no like right now...

Seven insider tips for making event sponsorship into a marketing success story for every...

Event sponsorship should be treated like every other marketing activity. It's not enough to simply sponsor an event, you have to have a strategy to make it work for you. Here's how.

Online Marketing Masterclass is back! [SYDNEY, BRISBANE, MELBOURNE]

Do you have a desire to get better returns from your website? Are you properly exploiting social media? This is your chance to get the foundations right.

Do you have what it takes to be a Super Connector? [WORKSHOP EVENT]

super connector (noun) | people who maintain contact with thousands of people in many different worlds and know them well enough to give them a call.They are widely respected as an authority in their field and are masters of word-of-mouth. They do not seek new connections, leads and business. Opportunities finds them.

How one new social media site is keeping you from being bummed

Ever had that feeling that you have missed something? Have you ever been totally devastated to learn that there was an employment expo held just around the corner, but you didn't even know about it beforehand? Maybe your favorite local band played at show two weeks ago, but you didn’t get the memo?

SMART 100: Networking Shin-Dig for Entrepreneurs & Industry Influencers

The Smart 100 Shin-Dig gives you the opportunity to meet equally passionate and like-minded business builders. Plus, you can network with investors and other innovation industry influencers! Come along and ask burning questions, engage with with the panel and have your say.

Kate Stewart, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

In this age of Doom and Gloom made possible by the letters G, F, and C, Kate Stewart wants us all to engage in a little decadence. Call it retro, anachronistic, even subversive, but Melbourne has taken her up on it. Bright Young Things, Stewart's boutique catering company, has decorated venues and dished up gourmet delights over a thousand times in its two-year history.

Do events deliver customers or just good vibes? [Should events really be part of...

I am often asked to put together events for clients, and despite all my best efforts to suggest alternate activities, they insist I go ahead. When my concerns come to the fore, they then say, “The ROI on that wasn't great,” or my favourite, “We didn't get many people, what went wrong?” And one thing I have learnt is that clients really don't like to hear, “I told you so.”

What are you doing to master online marketing?

The past 12 months was filled with jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring watershed moments in the exciting but frustratingly fragmented world of online marketing. In 2010, did you let the future slip by or did you embrace the world's largest marketplace? Did your website under-achieve or over-deliver? Do you even have a website?

Be recognised as Australia’s best and brightest Mumpreneur

Australia's most innovative mothers will be getting a break from their demanding workplace and household duties when they are honoured at the 2011 AusMumpreneur Awards, which will be presented at a gala event at Mercure Sydney on Saturday 27 August. Award nominations are being accepted until Friday 17 June.

Entrepreneur’s Night Out… It’s back! And Sydney, you’re first!

Building a business at any age can be a lonely undertaking. But entrepreneurs have it tougher than most. Friends and family often don’t understand the complexities of running a business… or the personal sacrifices that come with the job. This is a chance for Entrepreneurs to meet and learn from other business builders. Share a drink. Have a laugh. Gain insights from a panel of business builders.

Entrepreneur’s Night Out Sydney. It’s next Tuesday!

Meet and learn from other business builders. Share a drink. Have a laugh. Gain insights from a panel of business builders who have 'been there, done that' and created successful ventures. Benefit from the experiences of other attendees.

Eventarc raises some cool funding from Domenic Carosa’s FCDF

Founded by web-developers Scott Handsaker and Andrew Edwards in November 2009, Eventarc has turned over AUS$4million in transactions in the past 13 months. That's approximately $300,000 per month. Becoming quickly revenue positive has proven to be an important factor when picking investments for the Future Capital Development Fund (FCDF), according to Domenic Carosa.

Registration now open for 2011 Angels Conference

"Angels without Borders" will be the theme for the upcoming conference, which will feature an international guestlist of speakers and participants. Early-bird registration includes choice of accommodation and closes 26 November.
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Strategic Alliances with Simone Novello [FREE INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you heard the often touted claim that the average lifespan of a business is two years? Have you ever wondered why that is? Often, it’s because, in the rush and intensity of starting up, business owners get caught up in day-to-day op-erations and overlook fast growth opportunities, like strategic partnerships. In this FREE INFOGRAPHIC, Simone Novello helps to answer your three most common questions about how to harness the power of... FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.



New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...