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    Which books inspire you?


    Wherever I travel, whatever networking event I attend, there’s always one bloke or sheila who simply must tell me about the latest business bestseller or awe-inspiring autobiography that he/she has just finished reading.


    Working in magazines, you’d expect that I like to read. What you wouldn’t expect is that I sometimes find myself quite lonely, without anyone to talk with after reading the latest paradigm-shifting page-turner.

    Part of the problem is that I often hear about about great books before they are launched in Australia (a perk of the job).

    I promptly order them from Amazon, after which, I am forced to keep the many percolating thoughts running through my head to myself, until the said thought-jigger finally gets a release down-under.

    So, here’s my idea…

    Would you like to help me launch an Anthill bookclub?

    We’ll try our best to get the best new books – for free, at cost or for  a discount. We’ll send them to our bookclub members – monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly (you decide). Then, we’ll open an online forum whereby we can share our thoughts.

    I’m hoping that I can convince the Australian book publishers to back it. What Australian publisher wouldn’t want a select group of local ‘influencers’ to get their hands on a pre-release item for discussion and potential idea dissemination in advance?

    So, if this sounds like something that you’d like to be involved in, click here. I’m not promising anything. I’m just keen to get expressions of interest.

    And while we’re at it, why not share your thoughts on that awesome business book or autobiography that recently inspired you? I’m sure the rest of Anthill’s blogging community would be interested (call them your ‘stocking stuffer tips’).

    I know I would be. Or am I just a big book nerd?

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