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Wearable tech: it’s so much more than the phrase de jour [VIDEO]


Wearable tech goes so much further than a FitBit or Jawbone devices. It even goes way beyond Google Glass.

And, while the phrase ‘wearable tech’ has the potential to be the most overused phrase of 2014, it’s not new.

Wearable tech devices have been development for decades and they are playing a big part in changing our world.

Normally, if you want a look at future tech you simply have to watch Star Trek or, perhaps read a Peter F. Hamilton novel. Both are largely based in science fact and its potential.

Star Trek? I hear you gasp. Yes. Star Trek. Check out those tablet devices being used in Star Trek Next Generation. They look suspiciously like iPads. Or, how about the ability to voice command computers? Siri, anyone?

This is video from Intel, is the first in a five part series on wearable technology – what it is, its potential and, where it’s going to take us. Each part is about five minutes long, so it knowing where the future of technology is important to your business, this series is well worth watching.

Make It Wearable | Episode 1: Human Communication