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It turn out that designing a new saucepan is actually rocket science [VIDEO]


Dr Thomas Povey is a Professor of Engineering at Oxford University.

While camping a few years ago, he got frustrated by how long it took to get water to boil at altitude.

So, what did Povey do? He applied science. Rocket science, no less.

Povey’s day job also has him designing cooling systems for jet engines. Using what he knew about heat dissipation, he designed the Flare Pan.

It turns out that traditional pans waste a lot of the heat that is generated. The Flare Pan uses it’s deep, tapered ridges to hold the heat. This means that it takes 40 per cent less gas to heat the pan. Even better, this means that food will cook 44 per cent faster.

Those aren’t just guesstimates about improved efficiency and cooking times. These are scientifically proven facts. From Oxford University scientists, no less.

Flare Pans and the FIN-X technology have won two design awards. One for being an invention that will provide a great benefit to the environment – less gas being used to cook is very good thing!

Plus, it looks kind of like it does come off a rocket. So, that’s extra points right there.

After three years of tinkering with the design, it’s now perfected and in production. Flare Pans can be bought from an online store in the U.K.

Flare Pans