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Why social media is the digital campfire of our times; gather round and hear a story [VIDEO]


If you love magic, then you’ll know Marco Tempest from his spectacular use of iPods in his magic.

Never one to shy away from the changes technology can bring to an age old industry, Tempest steps up, again, to integrate the latest augmented reality into a magic routine.

Taking cues from the historic magician masters of Houdin and Chung Ling Soo, Tempest explains that magic is all about storytelling in his latest TED presentation.

What has this got to do with business, you may well ask? At the heart of every good strategy, at every good idea, and every good pitch, is a cracking story.

Understanding that your audience has an expectation when you begin your pitch is essential. Yet if you can defy their expectations you will deliver something remarkable. There’s that word again!

Good storytelling is at the heart of every business conversation. Throw in a big gob of magic, and see what happens.

Plus, I’m hoping you didn’t miss the line about not shying away from how technology can herald change in a traditional industry. That’s got a lot to do with business too.

A magical tale with augmented reality