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This is why we are slightly embarrassed about our new website (and proud of it)


This week, Anthill has undergone a massive facelift, along with the addition of a whole bunch of new features.

And we’re slightly embarrassed about it.

Here’s why.

Many moons ago, we quoted serial entrepreneur Scott Handsaker in an article. He paraphrased Pollenizer’s Mick Liubinskas, who was paraphrasing someone else, when he said:

“If you are not slightly embarrassed about your new website when you launch… you are too late.”

These are smart words and an ethos that we live by at Anthill. (Ready, fire, aim!)

Quite sensibly, we try to predict what our readers want and how they might behave on our site.

But the truth is invariably in the analytics.

We won’t know how you’ll choose to interact with our website until you do.

That’s right. We watch. And adapt (usually in real time, making live edits).

This is the way that we have managed every new evolution of the site (except the first one, which was a disaster because our Anthillian skills at anticipation were underdeveloped and our understanding of analytics was as nascent as the business ideas we now want you to share here).

So, today, we’re calling on you dear Anthillians to jump in, interact, demonstrate through your actions what you want and don’t want, like and don’t like about our new site. Here’s how you can get involved.

1. Share your burning business issues (IMPORTANT!)

Use the comments section of this post (below) to share what burning entrepreneurial issues keep you awake at night. We’ll use these as the foundation of future forums topics (and get you some help).

2. Ask another member to be your friend.

Simply check out ‘Newest Members’ and ‘Who’s Online’ on the rightsidebar. Click on a face that looks friendly.

3. Promote your business in our new Forum

We’ve created a Topic just for introductions and… wait for it… self promotion! That way, you can get it out of your system when participating in other (soon to be released) more instructional forum topics. Start here.

So, get started below. Do it now. Don’t be embarrassed. (That’s our job.)

Simply leave a comment below and start helping this community to help you!