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This is the kind of plan everyone needs to create [VIDEO]


It’s been a while between me sharing a video that has a tenuous link to business.

But, here’s a good one.

Dominik Sky likes to jump through windows. Not the Microsoft kind.

But what this made made me think of was this.

We all need to work out what we’ve capable of. And, sometimes, that can take a bit of effort.

So, just like Sky does in the showreel, we need to break down the key things we want to do into smaller pieces. Because learning to execute the smaller pieces before attempting the whole shebang can make things a lot easier.

It also helps develop a real sense of progress, as you master each smaller step. The last minute of the video shows his fails, and the injuries he gets from trying to fly through various windows and doors.

To master the smaller steps, you still need to practice. This way, when you get time to work stuff out. And, if you get things wrong, it’s not big deal.

The added benefit is, that you learn to adapt what you’re doing on the fly.

And, let’s face it – is there any better training for an entrepreneur?

Dominik Sky – “Window Jumps” 2014 Showreel