Home ANTHILL TV What happens if you Shazam a flushing toilet?

What happens if you Shazam a flushing toilet? [VIDEO]


I love it when an unplanned use of an app gives a delightful result.

I did test this myself but, as I have a toilet that is virtually silent, all I got was an ad for Zero Dark Thirty. Which may, or may not, be a thinly veiled critical review of the movie.

Either way, YouTube user FrostyBrain (Dylan from Household Hacker) managed to get Justin Bieber’s Believe as the Shazam’d result for his flushing toilet. Seems legit!

It reminds me of that joke currently doing the rounds: “I fell down the stairs holding my guitar and accidentally wrote a One Direction song.”

An amazing discovery – What does song does Shazam interpret from a flushing toilet?

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