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The trailer of the Steve Jobs movie is boring. So, here’s a clip instead.


We’ve been watching you. Yes, you’ve been tweeting, Facebooking, hovering around water coolers talking about this movie. Well, now you can watch an excerpt.

Firstly, you’ve got to love how movie execs have finally realised that we don’t like watching trailers. Trailers give the plot away. We don’t want that!

But show us a scene or two and… well… it’s called sunken cost theory. We simply must watch the rest.

And who do we have to thank for that trend? Steve Jobs?

Sharing excerpts has become an increasingly common tactic among film distributors seeking to promote lesser know movies via the iTunes store.

It’s funny how these things work. Wheels within wheels, like cogs in an Apple MacBook.

Here’s the Apple movie excerpt…


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