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Ten time saving tips for using technology that not every body knows [VIDEO]


David Pogue is a technology writer at the New York Times. He has also written several of the ‘Dummies guide to’ books about technology. So, it can be reasonably said that he knows a thing or two about technology.

In this TED presentation, he starts out by making a very good point.

The only way people learn to use computers are to, well, use them. But, this means that they may not pick up all of the time saving tips and hints that come with experience.

For those of us who use computers daily and, have done so for more years than they care to recall, we know short cuts to get things done faster. But, not everyone knows about these things.

It’s easy to forget this, until you get a tech support call from your mum. Then, you remember just how innate some of our actions become when we use technology regularly.

In this video, Pogue explains ten time saving tips for using a computer, a digital camera and a smart phone – in about five minutes.

One of the smartphone tips is US centric, but it’s good to know anyway for when we do have reason to call our cousins across the pond.

The tip about presentation software at the end is a doozy. I’ll admit that I did not know that and, that it will come in very handy.

David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips