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4 common mistakes Australian exporters make which hold them back on Alibaba.com

Just as you would not treat a traditional B2B transaction like this, you should not expect this from Alibaba. You need to spend time negotiating with interested buyers, building their trust and coming to an agreement.

How to price your product or service in 8 steps with Steve Major [FREE...

The world is littered with products that do little more than cover their cost, and underpaid service industry professionals. But there are some entrepreneurs who set their own prices and receive what they ask with apparent ease. Steve Major teaches you how to become one of these entrepreneurs in this 8-step infographic.

3 in 4 of all new products in Asia-Pacific are flopping. What can we...

According to a recent study, most companies in Asia-Pacific are failing to successfully position their new products in the market. This is particularly interesting...

This is what you should be doing instead of bleeding profits in the name...

Experian is a global provider of integrated consumer insight, and according to their latest data, many customers are price indifferent. Basically, consumers have developed more...

If you are not running a department store, why on earth are you still...

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make, especially SMEs, is to market their products or services on price. Trust me, the last thing...

Ethical food advocates demand ACCC investigate Coles and Woolworths. Are farmers and families being...

Australian local food pioneers Food Connect and CERES Fair Food have joined with the National Farmers Federation to call on the ACCC to break up Australia's supermarket duopoly and ensure a more just, equitable and sustainable food future for Australian families.

Is your telephone carrier ripping you off? The hidden rules of telco pricing [Part...

Having seen Australian retailers come under fire for the perceived “price gouging” of consumers, Tony Simmons and The Full Circle Group have undertaken research that reveals parallel pricing regimes in the telecommunications industry. Here in the first of two parts Simmons reveals the group findings on fixed line rates – and a wealth of hidden truths about Australia’s telco pricing.

If your product or service is so good, why is it priced so badly?

I can’t believe how many times lately that I’ve spoken to business owners who claim that their product or service is one of the best in their field. And I believe them. I have absolutely no doubt that they are right. But then when I ask them how they position their pricing, they tell me they choose to set their pricing level in the middle of the market range. Why? It doesn’t make sense.

Who else is fed up with Freeple ("Free Stuff People")?

If you're going to give something away, you need to know what the value of it is and what your ROI is. Too many people are caught up in this 'giving stuff away for free and hoping money happens later' thing. I'm guessing that's because they're afraid of selling.

Who else is fed up with Freeple (“Free Stuff People”)?

If you're going to give something away, you need to know what the value of it is and what your ROI is. Too many people are caught up in this 'giving stuff away for free and hoping money happens later' thing. I'm guessing that's because they're afraid of selling.

Offer less choice to get more sales

Regular Anthill contributor Steve Sammartino published an interesting post on his blog this morning. Steve is in the process of tweaking the pricing model for his company Rentoid and relayed a nugget of advice offered to him by fellow entrepreneur Chris Pearson (founder of Skitch and Comic Life).

Chasing every customer is a recipe for disaster

One of the worst steps you can take in business is attracting and accepting the wrong type of customers. This situation takes me back to one of my previous businesses. Looking back, I can't believe I planned it that way and there's no way I'd fall for it again. Here's why:

The corporate spin FAIL of the year so far

Firstly, Mars, ahhh... you sell chocolate bars. You might have seen McDonald's harried into offering a "healthy options" menu, but the difference is Maccas came up with new, healthier products. They didn't make Big Macs 11 percent smaller, charge the same and pat themselves on the back.

Setting the wrong price can be costly

How do businesses determine their price to customers?

Work and the “F” Word(s)

Last year I was enlightened by a friend about the 3 Fs of work - Fun, Fame or Fortune. This lady is a brilliant...

The dangers of discounting in a downturn

It might seem logical to discount during an economic downturn. You need to boost sales and attract new customers. And customers are tightening their belts and shopping around for the best price. But is discounting the best option over the long-term?

When the price is right

Tougher trading conditions and increasing costs are common concerns for many small businesses in today’s economic environment, but it doesn’t mean that you need to resign yourself to tighter margins and declining profits. What it does require is for those businesses to take a closer look at the fundamentals of their operations – inputs, outputs and pricing. In challenging times, reassessing and restructuring your pricing strategy is critical and could be the key to unlocking financial relief. If managed well, it can help to shore-up the business, enabling you to reap the rewards when conditions improve.
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Generating Web Traffic with Mark Middo and James Tuckerman [FREE REPORT]

Not all websites are created equal. That’s the first – and perhaps harshest – lesson when venturing into the ever evolving world of online marketing. Websites don’t draw visitors just by existing; they require love, attention and an understanding of how search engines think. In this Cheat Sheet, Anthill Magazine’s James Tuckerman and guest Mark “Middo” Middleton share their combined wisdom on generating web traffic for new and old websites.


Strategic Alliances with Simone Novello [FREE INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you heard the often touted claim that the average lifespan of a business is two years? Have you ever wondered why that is? Often, it’s because, in the rush and intensity of starting up, business owners get caught up in day-to-day op-erations and overlook fast growth opportunities, like strategic partnerships. In this FREE INFOGRAPHIC, Simone Novello helps to answer your three most common questions about how to harness the power of... FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...