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If you like Funniest Home Videos (but are too ashamed to admit it), you’re gonna love this. Happy holidays Anthilians!


Okay. Because it’s the last Friday before we all switch off and get some well earned R&R, we’ve decided to break from tradition and post a couple of video clips that are completely unrelated to business and innovation. They hail from one of our favourite websites, FailBlog.org. This is one media outlet that you don’t ever want to be known for appearing on. (There are better ways to experience your 15 minutes of fame.) Enjoy and happy festive season Anthillians!

How many ways are their to hold a microphone?

Let’s hope this guy packed light.

I think I’ll buy one for “each side of the bed”.

A bank robbery suspect quickly disposes of the note he passed to the cashier.

Another reminder to always check your parking break.

As if unicycles weren’t already a blatantly obvious cry for attention.

Something you probably shouldn’t do when greeting your father-in-law this holiday season.

Another cautionary video about things not to do over the break.

See you in the New Year! (The Anthill Team.)