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The 10 best strategic business slides of all time: #8 — The Sales Funnel

Anyone in sales will tell you it’s a process -- and they are dead right. But what is that process? Enter the Sales Funnel, another of my favourite slides.

TechCrunch gets hacked. How the hunter became the hunted.

It’s not often that today’s technology media inspires thoughts of William Shakespeare. However, it’s likely that The Bard, had he lived in the 21st Century, would draw great inspiration from the brief and turbulent history of one of the world’s premier tech blogs, TechCrunch, and its founder Michael Arrington.

How to build a business in 7 days for under $500 [Day#6: The Gateway]

AutoCarLog was quickly becoming a fully-functional system to manage vehicle mileage logbooks online. Now I needed a way for my customers to update their log books using SMS, and for this I needed an SMS gateway.

How to build a business in 7 days for under $500 [Day#5: The Design]

So, you want to start a business but have no time or money? That’s no excuse, according to Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin. In early 2010, serial...

2009 Anthill Cool Company Awards winner profiles: Vaxine Pty Ltd (Coolest of the Cool)

For the second year running, Anthill's overall 'Coolest of the Cool' Award winner is an Australian medical company, combining the commercialisation of breakthrough research with the impact of saving lives globally. In the final analysis, our judges awarded overall honours to Vaxine Pty Ltd over the other 2009 Cool Company Awards category winners for its success to date in building a platform that will potentially benefit every human on Earth.

Apple is a 'Cathedral'. Google is a 'Bazaar'. So where will you park your...

Apple and Google have radically different approaches to building online marketplaces. So will our smartphone apps of the future be delivered from the hallowed alter or the pulsing street?

Apple is a ‘Cathedral’. Google is a ‘Bazaar’. So where will you park your...

Apple and Google have radically different approaches to building online marketplaces. So will our smartphone apps of the future be delivered from the hallowed alter or the pulsing street?

Young entrepreneurs of the world, unite!

You don't have to be a Vulcan to grok the good stuff that can come out of an international mind-meld as big as Global Entrepreneurship Week. Matthew da Silva sits down with the organisers and profiles some inspiring young entrepreneurial attendees.

5 fresh-faced beauty industry innovations

In recent months, several companies have carved out innovative niches for themselves in the beauty industry, launching ground-breaking products and services designed to meet the needs of cosmetics consumers in unique, cutting-edge ways.

Opportunities in the US for high growth Australian firms

The US remains the largest developed market in the world and a big influence on other global markets. It remains important for any company with global ambitions. The current economic environment does not do a lot to encourage Australian firms to focus on the US. However, innovative new models and technology have dramatically changed the cost of entering and developing the US market. Australian firms can now do much of the early market development work without having to hire a US-based team.

Personal branding: Are you the real deal?

It's becoming impossible to get through the day without hearing some expert or other holding forth about personal branding. But could we be at risk of taking ourselves too seriously?

When seeking investment, preparation is everything

In part four of our series on the capital raising cultures in Australia and the US, San Francisco-based Steve Anderson explores how Australian and New Zealand entrepreneurs can best prepare for securing local investors.

How much does it really cost to protect your intellectual property rights?

Most people have a vague understanding of the various types of intellectual property rights, but few know exactly which rights relate to them and even fewer know how much this will cost. This new series takes readers through the ins and outs of intellectual property rights protection specifically for knowledge-economy businesses.

Is crowdsourcing killing the traditional design industry?

Love it or hate it, crowdsourcing - harnessing the wisdom of the crowd - is changing the face of design. Angelina Russo takes a look at the winners and losers in this democratic revolution.

Australia desperately needs a virtuous cycle of innovation

It says much about the schismatic nature of Australia's economic strategy that the Federal Government invited public submissions on how to build a clever country in the same week that it signed a $50B gas export contract with China. Jordan Green outlines his vision for Australia's knowledge economy.

How to save MySpace

With a simple change in policy and little additional investment, MySpace would no longer be the place where people simply try and get famous enough to make it to TV or newspapers. It could become the destination. Mark Cameron thinks he knows how to save MySpace from terminal decline.

Chicago and the ‘O’ Factor

Chicago used to have a reputation for lawlessness and corruption. But, as Austrade’s chief economist Tim Harcourt reveals, it’s now a top-tier global business town and a place where Australian companies are shining.

Thinking INSIDE the box

Activities to foster innovation often focus on the sexy-subject of product innovation (including Anthill's SMART 100). According to Peter Bryant, innovation strategist and Senior Fellow of the Kellog Innovation Network, Australian businesses might be better off looking inward and using innovation as a tool to enhance operational efficiencies. It's time to think inside the box!

12 months on from Commercial Ready axing, Australian companies are hurting

Nearly 12 months after the Federal Government's surprise decision to axe the popular Commercial Ready Grant Scheme, Nick McNaughton embarked on a mission - to plot the impact of its closure on Australian innovation. In his first report, McNaughton heads to the coal-face, seeking feedback from those most affected by the cut - technology developers and members of the early-stage investment community.

How Russian Roulette could save your business

When two people decide to start a business together, it's hard for them to see how this promising relationship might one day turn sour. Managing the end-game is something to get right at the beginning with a stakeholders agreement. Russell Wheeler explains why.
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