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Sydney’s Flour Market has gone cashless with Square’s mobile payments technology


Using mobile payments tech by Square Reader, Flour Market has become Sydney’s first cashless market by transforming its traditional cash market.

The Flour Market hosts some of Sydney’s best emerging, artisan and underground bakers as they get together to sell their delicious goods over a few hours (until sold out) featuring well-known names including Andy Bowdy Pastry, Black Star Pastry and Fluffe as well as the likes of Brewtown Newtown, Brickfields, Butterbing, Everyday Coffee, Donut Papi, and LuxBits.

Flour Market recently moved from its original venue of Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills to Sydney Boys High School; with part of the appeal very much being the school’s old buildings and beautiful grounds that have the look and feel of a traditional baker’s markets.

However, the team encountered a huge problem as there was no nearby ATM for customers to get cash to buy baked goods, which led to some people missing out on popular sellers like Andy Bowdy’s ‘cake in a jar offerings’ which sold all 300 of their cakes within a thirty minute period! Of hot cakes and selling out…

Flour Market 3How is Flour Market using Square Reader?

Square Reader, the smallest, most mobile and most affordable credit and debit card on the market, allows sellers to accept card payments quickly and securely on a smartphone or tablet device and also allows them to forecast and check data on the go to make sure that they have enough baked goods to last the market.

It is in this way that this mobile payments technology is helping Flour Market to become cashless for the first time in Sydney.

20 year-old Nathan Hunter, owner of Fluffe, used Square to process payments for his popular, unique cotton candy at the market.

Flour Market 2While Fluffe’s popularity is now huge in Sydney, it originally started as a side project during Nathan’s time at university. Using Square was the perfect fit for him as he’s constantly on the go, bringing goods to parties and markets.

“Before using Square, I only took cash because card payments incurred too many fees using other providers. I also used to run out of change, especially at bigger markets with lots of expensive products. I really like how easy Square Reader is to use and the fact there are no monthly fees,” said Nathan.

“I used Square for the first time a couple of weeks before at the Finders Keepers market, this was my first Flour Market. I love being able to track which flavours are the most popular through my Dashboard app as it really helps to figure out which type of flavours to push and develop!”