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Square tackles Australia’s chronic cash flow problem with its new invoicing feature


Global payments firm Square is offering Australian business owners an easy way to get paid for their goods and services in time, a problem that chronically plagues many SMBs all over the country.

Adding to the already rich Square Register ecosystem, this feature allows sellers to create, customise and issue invoices directly from the Square Register app on a smartphone or tablet, or from Dashboard on their desktop. Invoices are emailed directly customers, who can then select to pay online securely with Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit cards.

“Optimising cash flow is critical to the survival and growth of any business and, unfortunately, Australian small businesses experience some of the slowest invoice payment speeds in the world,” said Ben Pfisterer, Square Australia Country Manager.

“Research shows us that over $19 billion is locked away in outstanding invoices owed to businesses, and with 90 per cent of small business failures a result of poor cash flow, we’re proud to bring tools to Australian sellers to ensure they’ve every way to get paid.”

So how does Square Invoices work?

Square Invoices has a straightforward feature set designed for a variety of business types, from trades through to consultants, professional services.

A business owner can send invoices directly from their smartphone or tablet wherever they are doing business, reducing time typically spent manually issuing invoices and chasing payments after hours.

The app also allows customers to pay conveniently and securely online through Square, with payments deposited directly into the business’ bank account. Customers are never charged a transaction fee to pay online.

With Square Invoices, there’s no need to pay recurring monthly subscription fees, hidden charges or long-term contracts. This means businesses can send unlimited invoices and access the powerful Square Dashboard reporting and tracking system for free. Sellers are only charged when an invoice is paid online through Square.

There is also access to powerful features designed to simplify invoice issuing and tracking, such as scheduling, customisable invoices and print on demand, giving the business owner time back to focus on business growth.

New businesses joining Square can sign up today as a new customer and get their first $1,000 of invoices processed for free as part of a limited-time promotion.

Square - Invoice Case StudyPipes Plumbing owner Andrew McKinnar said of Square Invoices, “It’s allowed me to spend more time focusing on growing the business. Not having to come home every day and spending hours invoicing people and then following up on those invoices. I’m spending more time quoting for work, going into peoples’ homes, getting more jobs and getting my business out there.”

Kieran Birchall, the creative director at My Flower Man, hails the simplicity that is associated with Square Invoices.  He said, “MyFlowerMan has always tried to create simple ordering and to be as quick and easy as possible while still allowing the brand and service to feel premium.”

“I feel Square is a like-minded, fresh, innovating brand and makes the whole payment process easy, clean and quick – which reinforces our business’s modern and forward thinking approach. It’s fitting into our business easily and allowing us to grow and adapt as we go.”