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Five things you should consider before you launch your app to the world


So, you have decided to bring your company into the digital realm.

Here are five common things that are overlooked, for some reason, when apps are launched and set free on the world.

1. Branding

There are endless questions to ask yourself when it comes to branding, but they are very important to ask yourself in order to make your app a true representative of you. Take a look at your competitors to understand what space in the market you could occupy and where you can provide a better service. Things like name, image and style of the app matter.

2. Pricing

Due to an astonishing amount of free apps, consumers have come to expect apps will come at a very low price. Furthermore consumers, with many downloading hundreds, consider apps a throwaway product and it is difficult to understand the quality of an app prior to downloading it. Freemium has become the most successful pricing model for apps, accounting for 71% of the total app revenue.

3. Reach out

You need opinion leaders talking about your app, as soon as possible if you don’t want your app to fall to the murky depths of the app store. The best way to do this are through reaching out to bloggers making them aware, and hopefully impressed enough, to give your app some coverage, and hopefully a good review.

4. Finding your app

60% of app downloads come from organic searches within the app store, so to maximise success you must optimise! App Store Optimisation is based on your chosen keywords so you need to choose these carefully.

Your keywords should be included not only in the tags, but should also be included in the description of your app, which should clearly and concisely outline the benefits of your app. This is also where your app name becomes important, which serves as a ‘relevancy signal’ to the app store search algorithms, so choosing a memorable name will make this job that much easier.

5. Be social

It is essential to have a social media strategy for marketing your app if it is going to be successful. Your app should be marketed across all the major social media channels targeting your key user demographic.

Demonstration videos posted on video sharing sites such as Youtube and Vimeo are a highly effective and engaging way to demonstrate your product, as well as networking with prominent mobile online bloggers.

Matt Edwards is a new media junkie (official title) at Fuse Mobile