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Political commentary, Cameron Reilly style (and moonwalking bears)


Social media maven and general rabble-rouser Cameron Reilly posted the following political observation on his Facebook Page earlier today, under the earnest heading “Obama’s Health Care Explained.” Aside from being funny (in an unfunny kind of way), I couldn’t overlook the excuse it gave me to post the awesome advertisement (and internet hit) for road safety awareness it refers to.

Cameron Reilly

Obama’s Health Care Explained
I know you’ve all seen this video before, but here’s my translation:
The white team are the Democrats trying to push through health care.
The black team are the Republicans trying to stop it.
And the moonwalking bear? He’s… America’s Military Industrial
Complex, selling 70% of the world’s arms, overthrowing countries, and
stealing natural resources from developing countries.

Or he’s just a moonwalking bear. (Perhaps there’s an AFL Grand Final week analogy in this also… but who is Collingwood?)