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Pitch Club Hobart rises from the ash clouds


Yep, Pitch Club’s last attempt at Pitch Club Hobart in June was stalled thanks to the ash clouds, but it’s ready to go again!

Whether you are Hobart based or flying in for the fun, lock 21 July in your calendar. For further details or to grab your ticket, go here. Of course, if you already have one, have it ready.

  • To nominate yourself to pitch an idea, click here.
  • To register for our RMIT Program (details below), click here.

Pitch Club will be introducing its new membership program. We’ve chipping away at this for over a year to get it right, so please take a moment to look at http://members.pitchclub.com.


Pitch Club offers aspiring entrepreneurs a proven pathway to develop, evaluate and get the assistance they need to capitalise on their ideas.

RMIT Collaboration

As a special deal for Pitch Club, RMIT, in collaboration with Christo Partners is offering startups some free consulting to help them develop their business opportunity or startup. Essentially, you get between 3-6 students working on you opportunity under the guidance of Peter Christo (founder of Pitch Club), and developing a preliminary document for you to use for investors, partners and/or to use as the basis for what you do next. It’s a great program and a no brainer if you have a new venture.

If you are interested in nominating to utilise this program go here (http://rmit.christopartners.com). Slots are limited so act now!