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Could this be the best advertisement for mobile ever? [Top 10 ads, kinda]


We have to admit it — an embarrassing percentage of advertisements for mobile phones are awesome.

Seriously. What other product consistently inspires marketers to spawn stuff like the videos below? Beer? Inconsistent at best. Prescription drugs? Too much of an “ew” factor. Auto insurance? Spare us.

But of all the ads we’ve seen hawking 4G, touchscreens and megapixels, this entry from France for the Samsung Galaxy S II series beats them all.

Furthermore, the adrenaline kick it provided not only had the Anthill ‘massive’ attempting all variety of finger calisthenics but it also prompted us to quickly assemble our own list of mobile phone ad favourites, culminating in a Top 7 (that we hope might evolve into a top 10, with your help.)

Top 7 (or 10) Mobile Phone Ads

What can we say. It’s arty and stylish. It’s wish fulfillment (don’t we all want to be finger-flicking wizards on our phones?) and it begs the question: Who in the name of David Copperfield is this guy, and what’s his day job?

1. Unleash your fingers

2. Touch Wood

Don’t agree that is the mind-blowingest mobile ad ever? Fine. Here are a few more to choose from.

The following is so Zen, so full of flow, so quintessential Japanese. And the product reveal at the end is darn near as good as the organic and musical 2:38 that precedes it.

3. Ninjas unboxing

This one has been hooted about on Anthill before, and deservedly so. A team of action-figure ninjas unpack a Nexus One. We half-expect Bruce, Jackie and Jet to make cameos.

4. Really? Windows Phone 7

This campaign for the Windows Phone 7 faced an uphill battle — how to convince people to embrace a spawn of Redmond, Wash., even though Microsoft was choking on the technological dust of countless competitors. But the “really?” hook got us right where we lived.

We knew people like this. We were people like this. The ad was memorable, chat-worthy and, with 2.3 million YouTube views, viral as heck.

5. Mozilla’s Seabird

Mozilla takes a more straightforward approach — make the phone the star of the show and try to blow our minds with its features and dongles (which we’re grooved on before). Does the Seabird pull it off? Did it ever graduate from concept? Does it really matter?

We just like saying the word “dongle.”

6. Lava A10: Separates the men from the boys

This ad for India’s Lava A10 is … um … well …

Words fail us.

7. Centel: One of the first mobile phone ads

Even if you go back 22 years, the ads rock. This one, from Centel, has to be among the first spots for mobile ever. C’mon, you could choke a sperm whale with one of these bad-boys. But look — there’s beautiful people, beautiful scenery, and sheep. Marketing gold.

What’s your favorite mobile ad among these jewels? Or perhaps you have a fave of your own. Make your case and share a link below.