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Here’s a PR expert’s take on the new and controversial social media influencer laws

Earlier this year, the Australian Association of National Advertisers ruled that From March 1st, any promoted social media content without the hashtag #ad will be considered a breach of the AANA Code of Ethics.

How observant are you? This nifty Skoda ad will give you the answer [VIDEO]

So, you think you're really observant? Do you pride yourself on being a details person? Many entrepreneurs think exactly this but, what's interesting about this...

Really? This ad resonated with 13 million people? [VIDEO]

This is an ad from Thailand that, upon its release at the end of June, quickly went viral. How viral? It's been viewed more than...

What do you get if you add a simple mistake to an unmet expectation...

The lastest Volkswagen ad. This time for the new Beetle convertible.

I’m a school-run-taker, fairy-cake-baker, deal-maker, orgasm-faker, nit-raker, rattle-shaker … new Fiat ad rocks da...

Rather than another boring car ad, you know the ones with panoramic views, winding roads and well behaved children, Fiat took a different approach. Talk about speaking directly to your target market! The motherhood rap is rocking the YouTube world. Word!

Emotional Australian advertising: Coles scores points with its Olympic ads [VIDEO]

Do I shop at Coles? Occasionally, but I feel wrong about it when I do. Why? I prefer to support independent farmers and food producers. There are better ways of doing this than by shopping at Australia's two largest supermarket chains. Why do I feel this way? Ironically, the Olympic TVC from Coles is why.

Bears! Hunters! Salty language! It’s time for another choose-your-own-adventure ad

You might recall the first interactive YouTube ad from Tipp-Ex, you know, the correcting tape that you use if you still bother to hand write. First time round, the Bear and Hunter ads got something like 50 million views on YouTube. The choose-your-own-adventure nature of the ads made them a repeat experience for many. Well, they're back.

Bro humour… for a good cause

Some years ago, the Anthill office was all-a-chuckles when a seagull offered a beached whale a 'chup' (the whale was 'beached as'). More recently, Brett, Germaine and the lads from Flight of the Concords had us rhyming like hip-hop-opotamuses. It was, therefore, with great pleasure that the Anthill 'massive' alerted us to this clip 'en masse'. (If you're not already reading this with a New Zeland accent, we're not doing our job right, bro.)

Does this ‘made for YouTube’ advertising campaign make you want to touch the rainbow?

Confectionery brand Skittles has already infiltrated the pantheon of unforgettable tag-lines with its 'Taste the Rainbow' slogan. In this nifty 'made-for-YouTube' series of clips, viewers are asked to 'Touch the rainbow'. The concept is simple, novel and we challenge you to not hunger for a Skittle once this "cute but weird kitty cat" has its way with you.
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...