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Crayola crayons turned into high fashion [VIDEO]


Bloomingdales, the New York fashion store, and crayon make Crayola have done something really remarkable.

Crayons can be excellent to sketching ideas and for keeping small children entertained while you work.

When mashed up, they can also be tricky to get out of carpet.

But, thanks to some impressive creativity from some big names in fashion, Crayola crayons can be used to make impressive clothing that are really works of art!

It’s an interesting alliance between two big brands, pushing the boundaries of what they are known for. And, it will pay off in dividends for both brands. The brand recognition and public relations that has so far been generated is more than most companies hope for in a year.

How could you push the boundaries of the marketing and branding for your business?

Crayola at Bloomingdales


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