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NSW government partners with Tom McKaskill to create online tool for high-growth business


The NSW government is set to earn serious brownie points with aspiring business folk. It’s launched an online resource for entrepreneurs to facilitate high growth.

Serial angel investor Dr Tom McKaskill joined forces with Industry & Investment NSW and the Australian Technology Showcase to develop the High Growth Diagnostic, currently in beta.

The High Growth Diagnostic site will feature video seminars by Dr McKaskill detailing 14 brand-spanking new principles of high growth in business. The online tool is intended to help business owners measure and manage potential high growth.

The good doctor launched the initiative during a three-hour seminar hosted by the government on 22 February. There he spoke about “exit strategies to sell high growth businesses at a premium”.

Dr McKaskill said: “With this innovative resource, Industry & Investment NSW will make a real contribution to the success of entrepreneurial ventures.”

“The online high growth videos and diagnostic now available through I&I NSW provide a breakthrough process to enable entrepreneurs to understand for the first time this dynamic aspect of their ventures, and provides a proactive process to enable them to improve their growth prospects.”

At the end of each seminar users are asked a series of questions that analyse their business for high growth potential. As they work their way through the seminars, the questionnaire responses are logged, to be used as a diagnostic tool upon completion of all 14 videos.

Upon concluding the seminar series, business owners will have the tools to build high growth opportunities.