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Can a tiny ‘house’ float beneath 300 huge weather balloons? Well, duh [VIDEO]


There’s so much cross-promotion, glad-handing and pseudo-science going on in this video that we don’t know where to begin.

Let’s start with the innovation conceit. A new show on the National Geographic Channel — “How Hard Can It Be?” — decides to apply its talent to this question: Can a bunch of balloons really pick up a house like they did in the beloved animated feature “Up”?

The moment the viewers see that the “home” is an oversized dollhouse with little more than wooden walls and a roof… the instant they discover the flight will use 300 humongous weather balloons instead of the little ones that clowns inflate at birthday parties… the answer, derived well before the show’s climax, will be “well, of course!”

Now that we’ve dispensed of any suspense, what’s next? Ah, the promotion thing. The U.S. morning news show that aired this bag of hot air is “Good Morning, America,” on ABC. Which is owned by Disney. Which owns Pixar. Which made “Up.” (The Nat’l Geo Channel is distributed by Fox Network in the States, so we’ll give Mickey a thumb’s up for going outside the family.)

Finally, there’s the breathless delivery of the reporter (now there’s a stretch) who tries in vain to inject some suspense into the exercise. Will it float? Meh. Give us “Will It Blend?” any day.

What a waste of helium. The producers of “How Hard Can It Be?” should have used the gas to see if four people can inhale it and perform every song on The Beatles’ “White Album” without passing out. Now that’s appointment TV.

Look! It’s a flying house!