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A tech start-up is looking to disrupt how the fashion industry finds and books talent by cutting the agencies out


WINK Models founder, Taryn Williams, is taking on the competitive modelling and talent industry with a tech start-up aimed at disrupting the status quo among talent agencies and the clients that use them.

theright.fit is Australia’s first website simplifying the task of casting, booking and paying models or talent, using your phone, tablet or desktop. The marketplace directly connects talent with brands and clients, without the need for a traditional agency.

It’s a community of models, actors, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and more, all in one place, which makes booking talent simple, quick and seamless.

Taryn says it’s time to cut out the middleman

theright.fit aims to revolutionise the modelling and talent industry by removing hidden commissions and bias and empowering users of the platform with the information and facts they need to make informed decisions about their next job or casting.

Taryn said, “Tech is no longer an enabler, it is a creator of opportunities. And while the modelling and casting system has been around for decades, it’s time we pressed the disrupt button.”

“theright.fit is all about control, simplicity and efficiency. It puts you in control of your casting, your career, your paycheck and every job where you need the right talent.”

Taryn went on to point out that the platform also hands control over to the clients by allowing them direct access to a wide variety of talent, where they can be specific in their requests, set their budget and be guided by a talent ratings system.

“They will experience faster turnaround times with each transaction completely handled online from selection through to payment,” she said.

What is the story behind theright.fit?

Taryn began her career in front of the lens at 15 years old, travelling the world on international assignments and working for big brands including Qantas, Virgin Mobile, Lynx and Vo5.

She founded WINK Models in 2007 driven to create a system where models were paid on time and clients received the best possible service. In eight years she has built one of Australia’s leading agencies with 650 models and an annual turnover of $4 million.

Recognising the changing needs of the industry, Williams decided it was time to build a digital platform that would make it easier for talent and clients to come together and also open up opportunities for models wanting to steer their own careers.

Taryn Williams
Taryn Williams

“The industry is constantly growing and the reality is that there are plenty of models and talent out there who don’t have representation. theright.fit is a perfect fit for them. It allows them to create an online profile that showcases what they have to offer in a stylish and reputable environment.

“It also gives them access to jobs, which perhaps they wouldn’t normally get. With theright.fit they can control where and when they work and how much they are paid,” Taryn added.

The seamless UX design of theright.fit is the genius of her co-founder, Aurelien Labonne.

Prior to theright.fit, Aurelien spent three years with The Iconic, driving the vision that led to the brand being recognised as the market leading website for online fashion in Australia and NZ.

“theright.fit embraces the latest technology to deliver an online service that benefits both the talent and the client. theright.fit platform integrates the whole process, including payment, into one online transaction,” Aurelien highlighted.

“The platform also provides advanced search features, profile screening, scheduling and reminders, which ensure that both clients and talent can feel secure when using theright.fit.”