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New Australian online system fits the bill[click]


Nobody likes being on the receiving end of multiple bills each month – unless maybe you work for an accounts receivable department.

Anyhoo. Our point is, for regular folk, a stack of bills can make you feel pretty icky. That’s why new Australian biz billclick has devised an online system for organising what needs paying and when.

Started by three Melbourne-based entrepreneurs, billclick co-founder Daniel Leong says: “Bills are one of the few places in modern life that doesn’t have a superior digital system. “

“We want to revolutionise the way people organise their bills with a solution that’s as easy to use as email.”

The new website, billclick.com.au, allows users to gather all their bills online in the one place. For a small monthly fee billclick will upload and scan all your paper bills directly to your online account. Or, for no charge at all, you can upload them yourself. Always paying late fines because out of sight equals out of mind? billclick will also notify you when a bill is approaching due.

In a press release the company said: “It’s like a smart, secure digital filing cabinet for people to receive, organise and file their bills and other important documents, all in one place.“

billclick isn’t the first company to offer an online bill system, but they do appear to be one of the few focused on regular folk as well as businesses.

Australia Post is rumoured to have a system in development – presumably for its PO box holders – while enterprises of all sizes have long been utilising software and cloud programs that keep both accounts payable and receivable happy.

Squeamish about storing all your personal deets online? The good news is billclick users’ information is protected by bank level security and third party security audits.

billclick has set itself the lofty goal of breaking society’s addiction to paper bills “by offering a digital option that saves organisations thousands of dollars in printing, paper, and postage costs, and dramatically reducing environmental waste.”

The trees will be pleased.