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Why stand-up meetings suck [VIDEO]


While I am all for short, sharp meetings that actually achieve something, stand-up meetings tend to suck.

Mainly because they tend not to be a comedic performance by all who attend. If they were all short, sharp, comedy-acts, I think the overall concept and appreciation of these meetings would improve dramatically. But that may just be me.

Stand-up meetings are designed to be quick, daily meetings to help monitor progress and keep hard working teams in touch with each other. They are particularly loved by those working in Agile development teams.

The theory is, that if you’re standing up, no one will talk for too long. Yet, I’ve been in stand-ups that have lasted the best part of an hour.

So, what do you do if your stand-up meetings suck? The helpful team at Vooza have a few creative suggestions that may help keep you and your team on, well, one leg.

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