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Native advertising. Word du jour or a break through in content marketing? [VIDEO]


There have been many interesting terms that have been wildly popular the digital marketing arena in 2013: gamification, big data and native advertising.

All have their merits. But there real values lies in the implementation.

Native advertising is a part of content marketing. It’s where an advertiser aims to get the attention of a customer by providing contextual content.

As a prime example of native advertising, this is a short film produced with the sole intent of promoting F-Type Jaguar. The film made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s rumoured that the entire film cost around $90,000. While steep for many businesses, it’s not much compared to the usual cost of creating a regular television commercial.

Not to mention the fact that the film included talent you expect on big budget production. It was created by Ridley Scott’s production company, stars an actor from Homeland and is directed by Adam Smith, who has worked on Doctor Who. Oh, and the darling of 2011, Lana Del Rey, sings the soundtrack.

It’s a mighty fine example of native advertising. While you may not have that kind of budget, it should give every marketer and entrepreneur ideas about how to embrace native advertising in clever, creative ways.

I don’t know about you but it sold me. I’d happily take possession of a F-Type Jag tomorrow. Anyone?

Native advertising: ‘Desire’ by Jaguar