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Meet Wandering Cooks, Anthill 2015 Cool Company Awards Winner


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Anthill Cool Company Awards

The Cool Company Awards were launched in 2006 as a way for Anthill to acknowledge and celebrate Australian organisations that are doing things differently to bring about positive change. Cool Companies stay one step ahead of the rest. They breed leaders who are rule-makers and rule-breakers. They are trend-setters in attitude and action. Quite simply, they are … cool! More


Company: Wandering Cooks
Website: http://www.wanderingcooks.com.au/
State: QLD
Category: Micro Business

Wandering Cooks is a Queensland-based startup on a mission to nurture the diversity of Brisbane’s food scene by supporting the inception of great food ideas and the businesses of great food makers.

The company offers helpful resources to food startups: commercial kitchen spaces to rent by the hour, business services, training, marketing opportunities, and a ‘clubhouse’ for foodies to contribute & experience all things exciting in the food realm.

Company Founder Angela Hirst recently told Anthill Online “I was on my third attempt at bootlegging a food business. People with bounteous food savvy but limited business skills or resources (like myself) are often starting food businesses, and then flailing.”

“I found myself making gorgeous food but sweating blood and money (yet again!), but this time, I managed to take a step back and to look at myself and my businesses. What I saw was me amidst a whole crowd of like-minded souls, wishing we could figure out a way to make money from what we love the most, but having very few skills to pull it off.”

Wandering Cooks approaches its mission via a collaborative rather than competitive environment, intended to grow businesses and passions in the food industry.

Less than two years old, the business has five new kitchens and a small army of food trucks, servicing over 70 food businesses. Like a super-food for food-savvy startups, Wandering Cooks is cooking up a storm and, therefore, takes the winner’s gong in the Micro Business Category of this year’s Cool Company Awards.

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