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Meet CollectMe, Anthill 2015 Cool Company Awards Winner


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Anthill Cool Company Awards

The Cool Company Awards were launched in 2006 as a way for Anthill to acknowledge and celebrate Australian organisations that are doing things differently to bring about positive change. Cool Companies stay one step ahead of the rest. They breed leaders who are rule-makers and rule-breakers. They are trend-setters in attitude and action. Quite simply, they are … cool! More


Company: Ili – I love it!
Website:  http://www.ililoveit.com/
State: VIC
Category: Mobile

This ‘cool’ organisation, initially came to life in the middle of a honeymoon (seriously, that’s what they told us).

This honeymoon baby was ‘conceived’ from the marriage of experiences when simply trying to organise a wedding.

While shopping online, using ecommerce stores, social networks and physical stores, it became very apparent that the brick-and-mortar shopping experience had failed to capture the consumer benefits of online and social engagement, leaving the brick-and-mortar experience dated, inefficient and unsatisfying.

After research, iteration, research, pivot, research, innovation, “ili! (i.e. I love it!) was born.

ili takes the innovations and benefits developed for online shopping and applies them to the Bricks and Mortar physical world where the largest proportion of shopping still occurs.

It is very simple for retailers to use with their existing infrastructure and very easy for shoppers to use capitalising on existing behaviours.

Its various benefits to the customer / end-user include, for the Retailer incremental sales, market intelligence and a new marketing and sales channel and, for the shopper, one app, one click in one place in any store, making shopping easier.

Easier shopping and clever innovations put Ili! – I love it! on our list of 2015 Cool Company finalists.

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