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Melbourne East Office/Shop Cleaning

Original price was: $7,000.00.Current price is: $5,500.00.

As a business owner, its always hard to turn a buck. So if there are efficiencies and cost savings to be had on any expense item, then we should do it right?

Cleaning Companies are notoriously hard to negotiate with for even a penny. So the Team Buying Club guys said they would negotiate with five medium to large size cleaning firms to get us all a big saving on this annual expense. We’re looking at a 6 month or longer commitment for the winning bidder so they feel they win and maybe even a bigger saving.

Looking for Businesses that spend over $5,000 / year on commercial office cleaning.

And remember, any Team Joining fee is always FULLY REFUNDABLE if the Team Buying Club negotiators can’t negotiate a great deal !

So clean up this expense quick smart and have more cashflow.

And if you are from another State, and like the idea of saving on your Cleaning Bill or another expense, head over the www.TeamBuying.Club and start your own Team !