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Anthill Supply Chain Financing Team


If you create and product or service and need to pay suppliers, before you make the product/service and then finally get paid by your customers, this may help.

Some call this Supply chain Financing and we hope to get a Team 2-3% less than going direct or going it alone. This can also improve your terms with a supplier as you’re a good payer ! (* Note this is not for Rent or Wages though)

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Looking for Team Members who might need up to $100k. We will be taking the Deal to at least 5 Financiers.

Minimum Turnover of $30k / month in Revenue to join this Team.

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  1. The company can retain their working capital in the business and repay the invoice amount slowly, closer to when they actually get paid. For example, a manufacturer buying raw materials to produce widgets needs to pay for that invoice now but won’t get paid for the widgets that he’s making from the raw materials for 3 months by the time he has made and sold them. So, it smooths out the cashflow of businesses, enabling them to carry on day-to-day operations without having to outlay large amounts of working capital for supplies or other large business expenses.
  2. Offering to pay your supplier COD (Cash on Delivery) normally means that you can negotiate cheaper pricing with your supplier than if you take the normal supplier payment terms. So, you get to keep your suppliers happy by paying them COD, plus reduce the invoice amounts. This saving can go toward the financial cost of the facility. Interest is normally charged daily, so the longer the client takes to repay, the more the overall payback will be.

And remember, Any Team Joining Fees are 100% Refundable if the Team Buying club negotiators can’t do a killer deal.

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And Here is an explainer YouTube video we found.