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An innovation in laundry. Yes. Laundry [VIDEO]


Last week I wanted a new vacuum. This week, well, I think I want this.

No, I’m not on a domestic-chore-a-pa-looza. It’s just that there are some really interesting innovations occurring in this space.

I already use a trouser press for items that can be worn more than once, but just need the wrinkles sorted. What’s a trouser press, I hear you ask? Often they are found in hotel rooms and are dutifully ignored. But, they are ace. While you’re in the shower, throw in trousers or a skirt, when you set out, voilá – a neatly pressed bit of corporate wear for you to crinkle up on the way to a meeting.

But this, this is different. This is in the realms of dry cleaning. This is jacket and coat territory. If you live in warmer climes, then the need is lesser. But, a nifty jacket, trench or overcoat on cold days, is essential in the southern parts of our country.

And, that means drying cleaning. It’s not so much the cost of dry cleaning, rather the inconvenience that bugs me. My local guy is awesome. But, it’s not on my way to the city or to my house. It’s out of the way.

Yes, that’s a first world problem but in a life filled with work, clients, ideas, school pickup and the actual ‘real living’ stuff, going 15 minutes out of my way isn’t ideal.

So, imagine having your own dry cleaner in the house. It’s now possible. Sure, it’s a little expensive (US$500) but that depends on how often and how much you dry clean clothes. (This also reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld’s take on dry cleaning – see Video #2).

In 10 minutes, in the comfort of your own home, your jacket could be dry cleaned perfectly.

It’s also an interesting innovation because it tackles convenience, laundry and throws in a touch of Nespresso. How? Well, after the upfront cost of the machine, there are little pods of cleaning agent that you need to buy for each clean, just like those little coffee pods.

It’s a curious machine but I can see it gaining popularity with the generation who are too busy (or disorganised) to regularly take items to the dry cleaners.

Video 1: How the SWASH 10-Minute Clothing Care System Works


Video 2: Seinfeld on dry cleaning