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Do you want to become the top dog in your business niche? Write a book!


Almost three years ago, I had just become a life coach and niched into weight loss – hardly a unique industry. It soon dawned on me that I needed to stand out from the crowd.

I niched down further into lose-the-last-ten-kilos and also decided to write a book on weight loss.

Sure, I had written a blog and a few articles but I didn’t really consider myself an author.

Anyway, I wrote bit by bit over three months and another three months later, here I was, a weight loss coach with a self-published book. I still remember thinking, so what now?

Touched by the power of words

In a way, I wasn’t prepared for what happened shortly after my book was published. My phone rang more than ever before and my website suddenly had lots of hot leads!

Soon, I was perceived as the go-to expert in my niche. People were knocking on my door, my opinion became highly sought after and for the first time I was the hunted, not the hunter.

Was I any smarter? Maybe a little, after all, I had done quite some research for the book, but I really was the same person. The only difference was that I was now a published author.

Now having just completed my fourth book, I can say in certainty that everybody has a book in them, and the fastest way to gain credibility in your business niche is to write that book.

You see, potential clients are attracted to those with an expert status and by writing a book, you position yourself as a credible expert in your niche. People are inclined to believe that if you have the courage to pen a book, then you really must have the answers.

Take American daytime talk show host Steve Harvey, for example. Ever since his best-selling book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man came out (and had a successful movie made based on it too), his relationship advice has become more sought after than ever before.

Still don’t buy it? Here are my top three reasons why writing a book is good for business.

1. Be the expert in your niche

Like I have just explained above, writing a book gives you immediate expert status. Your book will clearly tell people how your business can solve their problem, and that is the key.

Furthermore, when you are considered the expert in your niche, it is easier for you to get speaking engagements which offer you priceless exposure to build and solidify your brand.

2. Have a tangible product to accompany your service

If you are in a service-based industry, say you are a coach, kinesiologist, masseuse or hypnotherapist, having a tangible product is a huge boost to your credibility. Include it in your packages and have it available in your place of work and on your website too.

3. It is a low cost entry point to your sales funnel

We know, or should know the importance of a sales funnel. Having something that you give away for free (and yet is still incredibly valuable) attracts potential clients.

Look at any successful individual’s website; they will have a giveaway on their home page.

Once you have your amazing free offer, you need to have another low cost option for people to buy, and a book is a perfect next step. Very few people will buy your $10,000 program without first seeing if what you have at a low or no cost is incredible.

How should you go about writing your book?

Keep in mind though, that having a business book or personal story published by a publishing house is a huge challenge so I strongly encourage self-publishing. That way you are in control of the content, look and entire process from start to finish.

You can pre-sell copies on a landing page or website. This will not only help pay for the publishing cost but will also get the ball rolling on your exposure as an author.

Also, don’t be afraid to give away free copies. Having your books out there is of great value.

Natasa Denman is the next generation business mentor and product generator specialist. She is the author of the new release, The Ultimate 48 Hour Author.